Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blaze Baseball

This has been our life for the past three months. Traveling baseball has taken up our weekends and some weeknights, but I have to say there brings me no greater joy than to watch one of my kids do something they love. Braxton has learned a lot about teamwork and his own inner strength. He is a fantastic first baseman and is starting to pitch a little too. Everytime I see him have success, whether it be a great hit or getting someone out, I could leap out of my skin cheering for him! He has taught me to love the game and I only love it because I have him to watch!

End of the school year programs

Dillon gave a very sweet Mother's Day program in kindergarten. This kid always makes me smile! He was so proud of the songs he learned and kept waving at me throughout the program. I wish that would last forever.
Brandon got the lead role in the 5th grade Lewis and Clark program. He had several solo parts and did a great job! I couldn't believe he had the courage to sing in front of his peers and parents.

My Brax wouldn't make eye contact for fear he might actually smile...heaven forbid! He did his part in several singing parts and would occasionally slip me a smile just to appease me.

Twins turn 10!

No more single digits. We went to dinner at their favorite place...Up-chuck-A-Rama! I mean Chuck-A-Rama. The two of them sure have grown up a lot this year. Braxton is loving being a part of a travel baseball team. He is fearless at catching the fast balls thrown at him. Brandon has quite a fondness for golf. According to Steve his swing is beautiful. They are both great helps to me and fun to be around.

My new niece, Quincy!

Easter 2011

Braxton and Steve were at a baseball tournament in Utah. The rest of us went to my mom's house for an Easter egg hunt and a hot dog roast in her fire pit. It was chilly but a lot of fun. This particular picture is Chloe learning how to hang with all the boys. Ready...Set...Hike!

Chloe and Grandpa Garth

Easter Sunday...aren't they cute!

Spring Break - St. George

Monday, April 18, 2011

OMD Concert

Steve and I had the opportunity to see our favorite band of all times...OMD!! They came to SLC to promote their new album and it was fantastic!! It was a smaller venue which made it perfect to sit and enjoy the music. The top two pictures were at the sound check before the concert. Andy, the lead singer, came over and waved during my shot thus the blur and surprised face. After sound check we were able to meet them and get a picture. It was a night to remember! I LOVED IT!!!!